Painting How-Tos

From preparation to flawless finishes, there is a lot to consider if you want to do a paint job the right way. These articles and tips cover everything from choosing the right tools and tape to painting tricky areas and more. Whether you're a DIYer or professional, Painter's Mate Green's comprehensive "Painting How Tos" will keep you on the right track during your paint job or project.

Featured Painting How-To

Choose a Painting Tape

How to Choose a Painting Tape

While choosing a good paint and cleaning and repairing the wall all make sense, often DIYers don’t understand how important it is to select a quality painting tape to meet their needs. Not all painting tapes are right for every project and choosing the wrong one can add time and hassle to surface preparation and clean up.

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  • Tools for the Job Tools for the Job

    Get everything you need to do the job the right way.

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  • Painting Prep Painting Prep

    Put in the prep time to get the best results for your painting project.

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  • Choose a Paint Color How to Choose a Paint Color

    Learn how to choose the perfect color for your space.

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  • Choose a Paint Type How to Choose a Paint Type

    Select the right finish for your application.

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  • Choose a Painting Tape How to Choose a Painting Tape

    Pick the right tape for the job and stop worrying about your surface.

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  • Painting Tape 101 Painting Tape 101

    Learn how to apply your painting tape for professional results.

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  • Common Mistakes Common Mistakes

    Save time and frustration by avoiding these common mistakes.

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  • Fix Damaged Walls Fix Damaged Walls

    Follow these simple steps to ensure your surfaces are ready to be painted.

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