Choose a Paint Type

How to Choose a Type of Paint

Choose a Paint Type

How bright do you want your newly painted room to appear? Just as important as selecting a paint color is choosing the proper paint sheen for your project. Pick the wrong paint sheen and that perfect color could be too shiny or need touch-ups a few weeks later.

Sheen selection is all about the room and its environment. Different sheens are developed for high- and low-traffic areas of your home. The bathroom and kitchen require a different sheen than your family room or den. Before selecting your perfect color of paint, consider what sheen is best for your project:

  • Flat – No shine here. Flat sheen creates a beautiful matte finish, which is ideal for low-traffic areas. Bumps and scuffs often will show on a flat sheen.
  • Eggshell – Smooth finish with a subtle sheen. Ideal for rooms with moderate traffic and washable for minor scuffs.
  • Satin – The perfect balance between a very subtle gloss and maximum wash ability. Ideal for most rooms with its satin-like finish.
  • Semi-gloss – Be ready for some shine. Maximum durability for the high-traffic and high-moisture areas of the home, like bathrooms, kitchens and children’s rooms. Perfect for trim, too.
  • High-gloss – Very durable. Highly reflective and ideal for accents like trim, molding, doors and cabinets.
  • Ceiling Flat – Matte finish specifically for ceilings, which complements any interior sheen, while hiding minor surface imperfections.

Still not confident in selecting a sheen for your painting project? Every paint manufacturer recommends testing the paint color and sheen on your wall before starting a project. The sheen and color are affected by room lighting and furnishings like furniture and carpeting. Want to learn more? Consult a paint manufacturer’s web site or talk to a salesperson at a retailer where paint is sold in your area.