Painter’s tape is the key to helping you achieve the clean lines that are the hallmarks of a professional paint job. But for painter’s tape to help you do the job, it needs to be used correctly.  Follow these steps to be sure you’re applying tape the right way.

1. Clean your painting surface.

  • Sponge the walls with a mild detergent solution, cleaning from floor to ceiling.  
  • Make sure the walls are dry before you apply the tape.

2. Use the right tape for the job.

  • Make sure you are using the best type of painter’s tape for your project. 

Having trouble choosing a type of tape? Read our how-to guide about choosing a painter’s tape for helpful information. 

3. Apply tape.

  • For easier application, you don’t have to apply one long strip of tape.
  • Tear off one to two foot lengths of tape for better control and better adhesion to surface.
  • Press firmly on the edges of the tape to ensure a tight bond with the surface you are protecting, which reduces the chance of paint bleeding beneath the tape.

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