4 Ways to Choose the Right Painter's Tape

4 Ways to Choose the Right Painter's Tape

All tapes are not created equal. Follow these tips to make sure you get the right painter’s tape for your paint job.

Every painter’s tape is different, and every one is designed for a specific job. And choosing the wrong tape could end up by making the job more time consuming. It could even cause you to have to repaint.

Follow these tips when choosing your painter’s tape.

  • Don’t go by Cost: You can’t judge a tape by price; whether it’s the most or the least expensive does not mean it will be any easier to apply or remove.
  • Know What You’re Painting: Different tapes are designed to adhere to different materials. There are tapes made specifically for these surfaces:
    • Wallpaper
    • Drywall
    • Metals
    • Woodwork
  • Know Where You’re Painting: Indoor or outdoor matters when it comes to tape. Using an outdoor tape indoors could mean you have tape that’s very difficult to remove; indoor tapes may not do well in the elements.
  • Consider the Sun: It’s probably best to get a tape that’s UV resistant. Tapes that don’t have protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun can actually “bake” onto surfaces, making them near impossible to remove.

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