Never underestimate the importance of painter’s tape. Choosing the right tape will help you get professional results.

Consider these four points when selecting painting tape:

Get the Right Tape for the Right Surface

  • Choose a tape that adheres quickly with a good seal – and one that will be easy to remove.
  • Some tapes are designed for specific surfaces … and don’t play well with the surfaces they aren’t made for.
  • Read the instructions and select your tape carefully.

Beware the Sun

  • Choose a painting tape that’s UV resistant.
  • Ultra violet rays in direct sunlight can actually “bake” a painters tape onto a surface, making removal a nightmare.
  • Remember: no matter what you tell yourself, chances are you won’t finish every job in one afternoon.

Indoor or Outdoor Job?

  • Using an exterior tape on an indoor paint job could be a disaster; exterior tapes are stronger can be tougher to remove.
  • Always check the label before use.

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