3 Ways to Get Pro Results

3 Ways to Get Pro Results

Tape is tape, right? Not exactly. Here are pro tapes to get the right painting tape for your job because great tape means great results.

Never underestimate the importance of painter’s tape. Choosing the right tape will help you get professional results.

Consider these four points when selecting painting tape:

Get the Right Tape for the Right Surface

  • Choose a tape that adheres quickly with a good seal – and one that will be easy to remove.
  • Some tapes are designed for specific surfaces … and don’t play well with the surfaces they aren’t made for.
  • Read the instructions and select your tape carefully.

Beware the Sun

  • Choose a painting tape that’s UV resistant.
  • Ultra violet rays in direct sunlight can actually “bake” a painters tape onto a surface, making removal a nightmare.
  • Remember: no matter what you tell yourself, chances are you won’t finish every job in one afternoon.

Indoor or Outdoor Job?

  • Using an exterior tape on an indoor paint job could be a disaster; exterior tapes are stronger can be tougher to remove.
  • Always check the label before use.

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